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We publish the very best chapbooks (prose and/or poetry) that come our way under the Naissance imprint. We are also the publisher of several booklet series: tiny, 500 Favourite Words, the November project, the lost lines found project, and more sestinas than there are particles in the known universe.


Shop/Browse Our Titles


If you would like to browse and buy the chapbooks that embody our editorial vision of excellence, then this is the place to begin. If you wish to submit a 4–48 page manuscript for consideration, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the kinds of books we’ve already published. Our most recent title is Twenty-Six, by Meghan Brown. Every Naissance title is $10.


Submit Your Chapbook for Consideration


We are currently closed for submissions due to life being messy. Check back around the end of 2018 for something more definitive. Printing and file conversion are still happening.

Guaranteed response within 1 business day. If your 4–48 page manuscript is accepted as a Naissance title you will receive 10 free copies of your published chapbook as payment (shipped 2–3 business days after final proof approval), and you will be able to purchase any Naissance title (including more of your own) for ½ price. If we don’t accept your manuscript for publication as a Naissance title you will receive a print-ready .pdf of your manuscript re-composed in chapbook format so that you can print it out and self-publish it on your own (without the Naissance imprint). $10.

Or, if speed of response and the .pdf have no value to you, you may, of course, print out a copy of your properly formatted 4–48 page submission, and mail it to us along with a SASE for our reply. Mailed submissions without a SASE for our reply will be discarded unread. We will read and respond by mail the day we receive it. However, depending on postal schedules, it could be 1–3 weeks for you to have our reply. Please do not send more than one manuscript at a time, please wait for our response before re-submitting. Free.

We encourage you to report your response times at Duotrope’s Digest. You may also wish to read our Editor Interview at Duotrope’s Digest.

While we are very open to submissions from previously unpublished writers, our intention is not to prey on the naïve who may not be aware that there are chapbook publishers out there who will read manuscripts for free without requiring a hoop jump or two. We exist to serve, rather, the experienced writer who is tired of spending money on printing and postage only to wait months for something they’re beginning to wonder if they couldn’t do better themselves, anyway. If your work isn’t right for us, we’ll tell you in one business day so you can get on with your attempts to get it published elsewhere, and we’ll empower you to do it yourself should you so choose. If we say “yes” you could have your payment copies in a matter of days. We believe that’s worth $10.

We wish to publish the best chapbooks possible, regardless of whether material contained in them has been previously published or not. As long as you own the rights to print or reprint the material, it’s suitable for submission to us.

We invite your submission, but, please be aware that we reject far more manuscripts than we accept.


Just Gimme the .pdf


Do you have a Word .doc or a .pdf that you simply need re-formatted to print out properly in booklet form so that you can self-publish your chapbook? Or maybe you want to form your own press and publish others? Whether it’s a collection of poetry, a collection of recipes, an essay, a lecture, a scholarly monograph, a D.I.Y. zine, or some other project that you can’t figure out how to make print as correctly paginated double-sided half-pages (other formats available, as well, please ask if you need something unusual), we can do it for you. We’ll turn it around so fast it’ll make your head spin, and so affordably you’ll wonder why you ever tried to figure it out yourself. These will not bear the Naissance imprint (though they could bear your own). A heckuva deal at $5.


Can You Do it for Me?

do it

By far the easiest way to go. All you need to do is email us a Word .doc or .pdf formatted by following our detailed guidelines and tell us how many copies of your self-published chapbook you want to pay to have printed (printed vs. published). We’ll re-format it, print ’em out, saddle-stitch ’em, trim the edges and ship ’em out lickety-split (books typically ship within 2–3 business days from final proof approval). These will not bear the Naissance imprint. 4–48 pages.

$10 each for 1
$ 9 each for 5
$ 8 each for 10
$ 7 each for 25
$ 6 each for 50
$ 5 each for 100

If you have an ongoing need for (or need a large number of) smaller booklets (like church programs or event handouts), please contact us for a custom quote.

We can also do full-color covers, or full-color throughout, please inquire for pricing.